Modeling Terms You Need to Familiarize


The field of modeling is still somehow similar to the entertainment industry. It has a lot of terms that do come in handy if you would like to break into the business. Clients, in particular, look into an applicant’s prior knowledge in fashion and modeling before they decide to book them. It may not be the deciding factor, but it does help. So it is essential that any rookie model should do their research first, should they wish to make a good impression on potential clients.

Although there are more than a hundred of them out there, these few important modeling cheap football shirts terms will help you as you begin building your career. Keep in mind that if you encounter an unfamiliar term while on the field, do not cheap football tops hesitate to ask for further explanation as there are no strict rules on what a model should know especially when he or she is just starting out. But in the meantime, check out the list below.

1. Agency (Modeling Agency/Casting Agency)


This is the term used to describe the company that represents the model. They are basically in charge for auditioning models and promote them. Modeling agencies get their income from commission gained after making deals with clients.

Example, when the modeling fee is $100, an agency charges the client $120 and the model gets $80.

2. Agent (Modeling Agent/Casting Agent)


Models don’t usually deal with the agent. The agent’s work is focused on promoting the agency’s models and talents.

3. Buyout


Basically, a buyout is the payment used when advertisers utilize a model’s picture for local distribution. It is sometimes referred to as additional bonus. For what cheap football kits purpose the photo will be used must be clarified (e.g., poster, billboard, television commercial), and duration is set beforehand. Buyouts are mostly associated with tot modeling or infant modeling for that matter, where the infant gets paid for their work and a buyout is rewarded once an advertiser picks up the photos.

4. Callback (Recall)


This follows an audition. It is done in order to narrow down the selection process. A callback does not guarantee you a booked job, instead it means that you have go through another process, but it is usually a good sign in the Cheap Real Madrid football shirts modelling industry, as it denotes that a client is interested in you and believes that you have potential.

5. Casting (Audition)

Castings are job postings for models required for a certain campaign. They usually specify the requirements or look needed. In some cases, there are pre-selected models. Either way, models who respond to casting calls present themselves to the client in hopes of booking the job.

6. Client


The client specifies what type of model they need for their campaigns. They make the ultimate decision as to which model they want to give the job to in the end.

7. Cold Read


This can be applied in cases of acting or commercial modeling, a cold read is an on-the-spot script given during casting. The person auditioning is required to deliver the speech without any prior notice.

8. Composite Card (Comp Card/Sedcard/Model Business Card)


As the name implies, it is a model’s identity. It includes a model’s name, contact information (usually your agency’s info), and their stats. While the actual format may vary per city, it mostly is composed of headshots on the front and four pictures at the back.

9. Go-See


Go-sees are the universal term for an actual model audition. This is where the model meets clients to apply for the campaign.

10. Headshot


A headshot is an essential part of every model’s modeling career. It is a photograph that displays only the neck above, similar to that of a passport picture. In the modeling industry, a headshot will sometimes require the model to show her shoulders.

11. Portfolio


A model’s portfolio reflects his or her performance in the industry. It is a collection of photo shoots showcasing different looks, ranging from commercial to even avant garde.

12. Usage Fee

Usage fees are the rate a model is paid per medium used. Keep in mind that a model is generally paid twice, for the work they do on a set and the distribution (see third item on the list, buyout). If the client chooses, for example, to distribute Cheap AC Milan football shirts the photos outside the country, the agency is located, they are obliged to pay the model an extra usage fee.

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