Essential Audition Tips for Dancers


People take dance auditions differently. Some dancers may feel a mix of tension and emotional strain. The feelings just simply vary per person, and for some, it is the hardest part of their career. But auditions are an inevitable step when it comes to reaching your goals, so the best thing you can do is hone your skills and be prepared to overcome it.

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that every audition should be taken as an opportunity to showcase your talents. No one can predict what happens in an audition, so the experience will vary from time to time, but  this will be perfect in testing your versatility. Next thing to note is that the nervousness that you are feeling is definitely normal as most people do feel anxious when they’re stuck in a situation which outcome they do not know yet. Turn your nervousness into confidence by following some essential audition tips compiled below.

1. Start your day right

Morning stretching. Beautiful young smiling woman sitting in bed and stretching out

To start on a good note, make sure you practice proper time management before the actual audition, especially the morning of the d-day. So you will need to set your alarm at the right time. See to it that you give yourself enough time to do a quick run on the things you have been preparing for the past week. This will include your look, your routine, and even your breakfast plan. A good, hearty breakfast should be enough to give you energy throughout the day and make sure you take the right amount of nutrients. Another helpful tip is to remember to de-stress the night before to keep yourself relaxed.

2.  Make it a point to be punctual


Get to the audition venue at least half an hour early, not only will this give you ample time to familiarize the area but it will also give you a moment to shake off your nerves. A lot of auditions will be packed, so being punctual will allow you to be able to get a priority number. There are numerous advantages with arriving early, but the most important will have to be that the sooner your audition finishes, the better.

Lastly, getting there early will give you increase your chances for the next essential tip on this list.

3. Do secure a front-row seat


Most dance auditions involve multiple people performing at the same time. As expected, those in front get noticed first. So assuming you got there early enough to secure you a spot in the much coveted front row, then make sure you deliver well. If you don’t happen to be able to get a place in front, then make sure to let the casting directors or choreographers have good view of you.

4. Go all out

A little group stretching gets everyone ready for their audition!

Note that going all out doesn’t mean going overboard with the theatrics to the point that it’s comical, but going all out means that you should showcase your skills the best possible way you know. Do not be afraid or get intimidated by other dancers. No matter how passionate and determined you see them as, you shouldn’t let their capabilities affect you. Instead, focus on what you are capable of and work on being able to let the choreographer notice you for all the right reasons.

Channel your energy the right way by finding a balance between elegance and showing off. Do know when the right time is to insert a little of your own style as you wouldn’t want to move further from the actual routine in the process.

5. Free your mind of worries


Don’t leave your worries on the dance floor, leave them at home. The tendency is, if you’re stressed during the actual audition, there’s more chance that you will mess up your performance. So learn some helpful meditation techniques or develop whatever pre-audition tips that work best for you and apply them.

Remember, auditions may be a one-shot deal, but that doesn’t mean you need to load up on the amount of pressure you give yourself. Take a moment to breathe and remind yourself that there will be other auditions in case this one doesn’t go as planned. Toward the end, don’t forget to thank the casting directors for the opportunity regardless of the outcome.

The dance industry is undoubtedly one of the most competitive out there, so do the best you can and don’t ever let anything deter your dreams of becoming successful.

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