The Positive Impact of Theater for Performers


Theater is a blend of all art forms. The musical arrangements are used to set a certain mood, while the costumes and stage designs are exceptionally done to please the visual senses. This article hopes to highlight the positive impacts of Theater especially in modern society. To start with that, let us explore its early origins and development to the theater we all know today.



According to historians, early theater began with the followers of the Greek god of fertility and wine, Dionysus. His followers would conduct cult ceremonies that usually consisted of special dances and numerous spectators. Over time, the Dionysians eventually developed a more structured form of drama by portraying the stories of Greek myths.

Thespis, a priest of Dionysus that is synonymous with the birth of modern-day theater, introduced a new element by injecting dialogue into the chorus. This paved way to a term that we come to know as “actors.” Thespis’s legacy was so great that actors all over the world have been proud to refer themselves as Thespians.

Different Benefits of Theater

Theater is known to benefit actors of all ages. It enhances communication skills, serves as an emotional outlet, and promotes self-confidence.

1. Theater allows people to project stories


A lot of people inhibit a certain instinct to act out imagined characters and events. Even as early as childhood, a number of individuals loved performing in front of families and friends. This passion can be eventually lived out through theater. So it does not matter if you happen to be a playwright or an actor, there is always a spot in theater that allows your creativity to flow.

2. Theater is a place where artists and performers can hone their skills


Being able to perform on stage is both a rewarding and fun-filled experience. For those who are looking to break into the acting business, then theater may be a great place to start. Some even regard it as an even bigger challenge compared to television and film acting. That may be true, as there are no second takes when it comes to acting on stage. It can be a platform for performers to perfect their improvisation skills as well.

It is not just the performers who play an integral part in theater, those involved in the technical department as well as costume design and makeup help enhance the viewing experience. Theater is a place where everyone can freely express themselves and contribute to the success of the production.

3. Theater brings people together


For a couple of hours, a crowd of people ranging from a hundred to a thousand gather in one place to watch a group of performers narrate a story. Whether it be beautiful, funny, poignant, or thought-provoking, there is no end to the possibilities presented through theater. Theater is a wonderful way to escape the somehow stagnant society we live in since it serves as a diversion from a life run by computer screens.

Theater tends to shed light toward certain issues in society. It is often unashamed to discuss issues that many people shun nowadays, such as emotional abuse, discrimination, and the struggles of our youth. No matter what the plot of the play is, the story is sure to create an impact on so many different lives.

4. Theater is a diverse community of actors


The theater community is known to be very accepting. It does not discriminate people by race or appearance, it focuses rather on what the actor can bring to the table. With that said, the theater community is fully capable of bringing a diverse group of performers together. It also happens to be a great place for budding actors to meet people in the same industry. A number of popular actors actually got their start in theater, they gained leverage in their career by having their colleagues refer them to other projects.

So there you have it, these are the four positive impacts the theater has on those involved in this field of acting. As you can see, it does not only benefit the performers but it transcends toward audiences and those working behind the production as well. Whether it be the local theater group or something as big as a Broadway show, it is always best to give support to theater arts.

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