Starting an Acting Career Later in Life

Start an Acting Career Later In Life

Getting an early start in your acting career certainly has its advantages as a number of successful celebrities begin their career at a young age. There’s Emma Watson, Neil Patrick Harris, and Leonardo Dicaprio. Because of their success stories, people tend to neglect the fact that beginning an acting career at a later age is still a huge possibility and is totally okay. Take the multitalented Lupita Nyong’o for example, the Oscar winner kick-started her Hollywood career at age 30, and since then, she’s been raking in more and more roles to build up her resume.

So if you happen to be an aspiring actor but are way beyond your teenage years, then do not fret, there is still a chance for you to make it! Here are some helpful tips for those looking to pursue an acting career later in life.

5 Tips in Developing an Acting Career Later in Life

1. Take acting classes

Acting Class

Not only are acting classes important to gain more skill and experience, it is always the best place to meet fellow actors. Meeting people in the same career field as you are gives you the opportunity to establish connections and eventually book jobs. So try browsing through your local arts center to see if there are any classes you are interested in, that way you get to challenge yourself and learn the basics of the business as well.

2. Always have a backup plan

Thinking of a Backup Plan

The acting business can be tricky, one minute the opportunities are in an all-time high and the next thing you know, there aren’t any job opportunities at all. So to secure your financial status, it is important to have a backup plan. A ton of actors maintain their day jobs until they find a sense of stability in their acting career.

3. Produce your own material


The harsh reality is that there are only a few parts written for older actors in the industry. So just how do you deal with this? Well, you can always start by producing your own material. This does not necessarily mean you should shell out thousands of dollars. You can save a lot of money by gathering like-minded people who are willing to produce some creative material. This can serve as your demo reel, and you can later use this to market yourself to casting directors.

4. Audition

Audition for Acting Career

Nobody can start an acting career without auditioning first. Remember, you don’t need to pressure yourself by immediately going for the main role in a movie. Start small first, commercials or local theaters will give you just the right amount of experience that you need.

5. Stay positive

Stay Positive

As mentioned above, a number of actors still managed to get great acting careers in their 30s. Even the great Morgan Freeman got his lucky break at 50. It is never really too late to pursue your goals in life. All you need is hard work and a positive mind-set to do so.

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