The Different Types of Acting Auditions Every Actor Should Know

Different Acting Auditions

Acting auditions can be fun. They can even be crazy. However, there are times when they can really get nerve-wracking. But no matter how you feel once you get in the audition room and face the casting directors, you need to understand that no two auditions are the same and that each has varying requirements.

If you are an aspiring actor, be prepared because auditions will become common occurrences in your life. It is the time when you convince the producers, agents, and casting directors that you are the best fit for the acting job. It is your chance to showcase what you’ve got and prove your worth.

So to be able to prepare ahead of time, be familiar with the different types of  acting auditions you may possibly encounter.

Types of Acting Auditions

1. Appointments

Acting Auditions

An appointment is a type of audition where you are scheduled to see a casting director at a specific time and place. This is normally done with actors who casting directors haven’t worked with in the past. Actors who are called to this audition already know what are needed, such as video submissions, headshots, and résumé.

2. Callback

Callbacks for Audition

An actor who passes the first round of the audition is asked to attend the callback. During this session, he will be asked to perform a scene in front of different decision makers. But since they aim to narrow down the number of actors vying for the role, it may be done multiple times.

3. Cattle Call

Cattle Call

A cattle call is a type of audition in which thousands of aspiring actors are invited to compete for a role. For instance, if they are looking for actors to join the musical Grease, hundreds of talented individuals flock to the theater donned in leather jackets. Considering the number of persons trying to win the role, everyone performs in a way that he or she will become a total standout.

4. Open Calls

Open Calls

Also called open audition, an open call is very similar to cattle call. What makes it different is that all the roles and its corresponding traits will be listed ahead of time. This type of audition is often advertised so that many actors can attend. Depending on the popularity of the project, the audition venue often has long waiting line.

5. Recall

Casting Call

A recall is done after a callback. By this time, the casting directors have already narrowed down their choices. But since there are still a couple of them, it still has to be narrowed down further until they come up with a short list of potential actors who are ideal for the role.

6. Private Acting Audition

Private Acting Audition

Similar to an appointment, a private audition is conducted by casting directors when they are seeking certain types of performer for a role. It isn’t always announced, so actors who want to attend this type of audition will only get the news through their agents or representatives.

7. Talent Convention

Talent Convention

A talent convention is more like a job fair where you can apply for a job in a venue attended by a huge crowd, agents, and casting directors. This type of audition is intended for actors who want to showcase their acting prowess, not just in front of a casting director, but also in front of an audience.

Always remember that no matter what type of acting audition you attend, you need to have a sense of professionalism. Even if you are invited for a private audition or you are scheduled for an appointment, you still have to arrive early and come prepared. You are going to meet professionals, so it is just fair that you respect their time as well.

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